Nutrition is defined as the process of intaking of nutrients and its utilisation by an organism in various biological activity.

Modes of Nutrition

1. Autotropic

2. Heterotrophic

Autotropic nutrition: Auto = self,  Trophic = nutrition. The literal meaning of this term is self nutrition.

Autotrophic Nutrition is a process where the organism prepare their own food from the simple inorganic materials like carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts in the presence of sunlight. All the green plants possess autotrophic mode of nutrition. More…


Metals and Non-Metals (important questions)

Metals and Non-Metals (important questions)

Q1. Give examples of five elements that are metallic.

Ans. Copper, iron, gold, silver and aluminium.

Q2. Give examples of five elements that are non-metallic.

Ans. Sulphur, phosphorus, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine and bromine.

Q3. How do metals and non-metals combine?  More…