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    A microprocessor is a computer processor which incorporates the functions of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) on a single integrated circuit (IC), or at most a few integrated circuits. The first use of the term “microprocessor” is attributed to Viatron Computer Systems describing the custom integrated circuit used in their System 21 […]
Tyndall effect
Login To Access Full Post Tyndall effect The Tyndall effect, also known as Willis-Tyndall scattering, is light scattering by particles in a colloid in a very fine suspension. It is named after the 19th-century physicist John Tindall. OR The Tyndall effect is the scattering of light as a light beam passes through a colloid. The individual suspension particles […]
Nutrition Nutrition is defined as the process of intaking of nutrients and its utilisation by an organism in various biological activity. Modes of Nutrition 1. Autotropic 2. Heterotrophic Autotropic nutrition: Auto = self,  Trophic = nutrition. The literal meaning of this term is self nutrition. Autotrophic Nutrition is a process where the organism prepare their own […]
Metals and Non-Metals (important questions)
Metals and Non-Metals (important questions) Q1. Give examples of five elements that are metallic. Ans. Copper, iron, gold, silver and aluminium. Q2. Give examples of five elements that are non-metallic. Ans. Sulphur, phosphorus, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine and bromine. Q3. How do metals and non-metals combine?  More…  

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